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Welcome to Velocity Skills Training, where we provide a positive learning environment for kids to train with consistency, intensity, and accountability. As a basketball coach with years of experience, I'm dedicated to helping players gain confidence and get results.




Are you a player who wants to enhance your basketball skills? Our comprehensive basketball training drills are designed to cater to you. Clients rave about our basketball dribbling drills improving their handles. Our athletes are excited about increasing their range and getting icy veins for clutch shots. We consistently practice. The essence of our program and drills is to chase excellence personally and dominate the game of basketball. Get in the zone with specialized training drills to be even more explosive on the basketball court. 
We aim to increase a player’s speed and options on the court. Imagine you can get by any defender with enhanced dribbling and passing. You’ll be able to run the offense and turn any play your coach wants into a winning play. Our Players' experiences on the court have substantially improved because of our coaching and guidance. We build essential basketball plays and drills into every athlete we train. It's not just about the ball in your hands but also about your body positioning and growing your basketball IQ to make the optimal play on the court. Experience our skills training now. Your shots will improve, your body will adapt, and you'll see a lasting difference in your speed on the court. That’s what our clients say about our basketball skills training.




Training Located in Hickory, NC

Our training for skill acquisition is simplified to a step-by-step process. We practice the skill, with no defense, in the situation athletes will see in a game. Then, we utilize drills and constraint-based scoring to apply the skill with a defender. 


Train and Grow from Anywhere

If you've ever wondered how to master the basketball game in the comfort of your home, you're not alone. Many of our clients have asked the same. They're seeing incredible leaps in their basketball skills using our comprehensive training and drills. 


Join Us in Hickory, NC

Our basketball clinics are the perfect opportunity for players of all ages to improve their skills and take their game to the next level. We offer year-round clinics led by experienced coaches. Join us on the court and see the results for yourself!


Join Us in Hickory, NC

Dive into the thrill of basketball with our 3v3 League! Perfect for young athletes from 1st to 10th grade, our league offers an action-packed experience every Saturday from January 20th to February 24th. 



My daughter began working with Christian last spring and throughout the summer. Her goals included sharpening her skills but more importantly gaining confidence where she was lacking. Christian took time to listen to my daughter, he spoke with her college coach, and was intentional about his plan for her training. She participated in group and individual sessions, and both were extremely beneficial to her. Christian has a natural knack with teens and young adult student athletes. He was just as much concerned about my daughter’s psychological well being and helping her grow confidence than he was with her basketball skills. In a short period of time (2 months) my daughter immediately found a mentor in Christian. She will continue to train with him throughout the remainder of her collegiate years.

Parent of Athlete

My daughter had been working with Christian for over two years now. Christian challenges her comfort zone and still gives her confidence as a player. He has continued to refine her ball handling under pressure skills with weekly classes. When she struggled with her shooting consistency he was able to quickly fix her shooting mechanics. His weekly classes focus on live game scenarios as well as fundamental drills. I would highly recommend Velocity Skills Training.

Parent of Athlete

Christian is a great teacher! My daughters worked out with him for 3 years and she was able to improve her basketball skills tremendously, but more importantly he instilled confidence in her to believe that she could be a great basketball player. Christian is great at teaching from the beginner level to anyone with college level talent who wants to improve their game.

Parent of Athlete

We absolutely love Velocity Skills Training. Christian is wonderful to work with! On day one, Christian quickly learned Ava's personality, how to coach her & where she stood fundamentally. Within 5 sessions, the progress made was incredible. Christian has been an excellent mentor on and off the court! We look forward to working with him for many years to come!

Cindy Geddes | High School Parent

Working with Coach Beasley, he continued to build my confidence and his training has made me more confident with putting the ball on the floor and making better in-game decisions. He has also helped me to make my shot quicker and create more efficient ways to score. I am beyond thankful to have met someone who was willing to work early mornings and late nights with me to improve.

Caleigh Raby | Professional Player

Christian did his research and he consulted with me about what I wanted my team to improve on! He also gave his insight on areas of improvement for the team which is was very helpful. I loved his organization and how he broke down, step by step, the skills we needed to focus on. Very beneficial!

Alicia Abernathy | Women’s High School Coach

I cannot say enough good things about Christian Beasley and his training program. My son has improved SO much in such a short amount of time. We instantly saw changes in his shooting, footwork and scoring. We went all-in and participated in both group and private training. We have also jumped on his special events. If your child is struggling with confidence in their game I highly encourage you to commit to training with Velocity Skills Training. Christian will coach and mentor your child and the results will be truly priceless.

Parent of Athlete

Christian is amazing! My daughter has been training with him for over a year now and she is always so ready and willing to go! His skill level and knowledge of the game are next level. He breaks things down in such a way that she is able to target precisely what she needs to change in order to improve her game. He builds an amazing rapport with his clients and when working with young people that is so important. They actually want to take his critiques and recommendations and put them to practice right away. I love that he limits clinics to a certain number, giving each attendee adequate amounts of his time and attention. Not only has my daughter improved her skill set and form, but also her confidence and her strategic thinking as well. Velocity Skills Training is well worth the money and time!

Parent of Athlete



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